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Quick links to Facebook Messages:

On Messenger App – Dark Mode is now available worldwide in settings

Messenger Dark Mode
Messenger Dark Mode
After months of Easter Eggs activating with countless Crescent Moon Emojis, we're happy to announce that everyone around the world will be able to enable Dark Mode in Messenger with a simple toggle from Settings. The tilt angle rolls worldwide today.

To turn on, just tap your profile photo in Messenger to access your settings and toggle in dark mode to turn the chat aesthetic from white to black.

Messenger's dark mode reduces brightness while maintaining contrast and vibrancy. Dark Mode cuts off the glare from your phone for use in low-light situations so you can use the messenger features you love no matter when or where you are.

Notifications for Messenger - a Chrome Extension

Get notifications for new Facebook Messages and have quick access to Messenger.

Notifications for Messenger

The Chrome plugin Notifications for Messenger gives you small indicator for unread new messages and quick links to your Facebook Messenger: new messages, unread, requests and archived messages. Direct access to your Facebook friends and to homepage.

You can rearrange the Chrome extension buttons in the order you like. Just press the image, drag it to the new location and drop it.

New Tools and Design for Facebook

A Chrome extension gives you new functions and layout for Facebook. News feed only, autoscroll, timer, quick links, lights off, new design for Facebook.

fave is an extension for Chrome that adds new functions and makes changes to the layout of Facebook. fave adds new functions like Show Newsfeed Only, Auto Scroll, Timer, Scroll To Top, Quick Links and makes design changes to the layout of Facebook.

The new functions:

- Lights off: hides the left and the rights columns around the News feed on Facebook start page

- Hide/Show News feed: You will not see posts on Facebook home page.

- Quick Links panel on the left side on Facebook.

- Auto Scroll: see all posts of Facebook without scrolling

- Timer: now you can see how much time you spend on Facebook. It displays the time for today and in the past.

- Scroll To Top: creates a button in the bottom right corner that will take you to the top of the page

The Quick Links navigates you to:

- Pages News feed: see news stories only from the Facebook pages you have liked

- Calendar: view all your events and friend's birthdays

- Pictures by Friends: see all friend's pictures from this month

- Groups: all your Facebook groups with indicator for new posts

- Your Friends: list with your Facebook friends and number of unseen posts.

- Live Video Map: watch live videos from the interactive video map

- Weather: pick a location and see the weather forecast

- Messenger: all your Facebook messages in new layout

Layout changes:

- Soft edges

- Font size increase

- Darker colors

- Circle profile images of Facebook users

How to change Facebook layout? The answer is simple - get Fave: tools and new design for Facebook