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Quick links to Facebook Messages:

Facebook Quick Links

Updates to the Facebook Quick Links bar:
Now you can rearrange the buttons in the order you like.
Just press the image, drag it to the new location and drop it.
The new order is automatically saved in a cookie.

If this explanation is to difficult for you, just follow this steps:

1. The Facebook Quick Links looks like this:
2. Move your mouse to the first icon (News Feed) , press and hold the left-mouse button, move the object to right, and then release the left-mouse button:

3. Now you have the new order of the icons. First icon is Messages and the second is News Feed.
4. Now you can continue to move icons to new locations following the instruction in step 2.

5. You icon order is automatically saved in your browser cookie under the name cookie-chrome-messenger-app

If you have questions just drop me a line. Thank you for using this website.