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Playscape (’plā, skāp) A playful landscape characterised by the occurrence of enjoyment by the public & all those that interact with it. Sometimes used to refer to playspaces that look and feel like a natural environment. However, landscape architects and designers are increasingly using the term to express areas of cities that encourage interaction and enjoyment of all ages.

The natural playscape (or natural playground) is defined as a space with as little man made components as possible. Using native plants, rolling hills, lots of trees; playscapes represent a natural place such as a forest. Playscapes are designed with the intent of bringing children and people back to nature.

Urban playscapes are similar to the natural playgrounds in so far as they break from the need for specific play equipment they are defined not by clear boundaries but through a shaping of the landscape to encourage play and interaction.

Playscapes offer a wide range of open-ended play options that allow people to be creative and use their imagination. Playscapes offer a wide range of developmental benefits to children, rehabilitation programs and all people in general.